Over the years I have heard many teachings on Malachi 3:8. It states, “Will a man rob God? Yet have you robbed me. But ye say, wherein have you robbed thee? In tithes and offerings."

Most average church goers are familiar with this verse….However, if you would study the first two chapters of Malachi, you would understand Malachi 3:8 from a different perspective. In this small book, the Lord uses a prophet to convey his heart. He speaks to Israel as a father speaks to his wayward children that have disobeyed instructions. He reasons with Israel why GOD feels like he has been cheated, robbed and ignored, and in Malachi 2:2 he encourages Israel’s priest to hear and take it to heart.

The heart reveals the character, and motives of a man, but who can stand against a divided heart. There is not a human physician that can penetrate this form of hypocrisy. Reason being, the heart flatters itself through pride and concludes, there is nothing wrong, or I have done nothing wrong.

Please consider, the heart is wicked in nature and without the touch of God the heart can deceive itself. A divided heart is a disease that is difficult to cure because it is chronic, which goes into the very nature of man.

Oh my friend, God is not interested in your money if he does not have your heart. Even praise without the heart, is like a cloud without rain. To give anything to God without giving your heart is a gamble you are sure to lose. It wasn’t that Israel wasn’t giving, they were. However, the bread that they brought to the table of the Lord was polluted. In other words, it’s equivalent to ordering from a restaurant, and your steak and eggs are delivered on a garbage can lid. Did you not know that one of the names of God is JEALOUS? If your heart belongs to anything in this world besides him, you are going to meet a Jealous God. Is it possible that what you may be experiencing now is because your heart belongs to a person, place, or thing that has pushed God to the side.

The word of Lord declares Thou shall love the lord thy God with all thy heart, with thy entire mind and with all thy strength (Matthew 22:37-40). If your heart is divided so will your surroundings be, because out of the abundance of the heart your mouth will speak life, death, and division. Until the next time, Be Blessed...

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