In 2006, the Holy Spirit gave me a message called ‘A New Beginning.’ I ministered that message about five times in different settings. By the time I preached the message the fifth time, I was so pregnant with that message, that it literally revolutionized my life. The last time I ministered ‘New Beginning,’ it was November 2007 and I was in Sacramento California, serving as Worship Pastor.

I wish I could tell you that I was so full of excitement about being there, because immediately after I got there, I entered into a surprise test.

Why is it after you graduate from one learning institution, you are bombarded with a test in the new institution the first day of class????

Keep in mind, surprise test are not given to embarrass you nor humiliate you. Tests are given in order that the teacher can confirm your strengths, assess weaknesses, and illustrate where you need improvement... However, if you are a person of reasoning, you may assume the teacher to be out of touch, aloof and mean, because you do not feel adequately prepared for the test. However, if you can remember the principles you have learned from the previous class, more than likely, you will do well.

I tell you the truth, preaching 'A New Beginning' was more exciting than living it.

I jumped for joy, and did the foot shuffle with vigor and passion, because I could not wait to put my foot on a brand new day. I did not realize the number eight that we so boldly declare for New Beginnings, also demonstrates circumcision; severing the tie from the old, so you could experience the new.

Yes, we have heard new levels can bring New Devils, and that is true. However, I have also discovered, new levels can mean more consecration, discipline, and responsibility in every area of your life without excuses. I could not believe it. The test questions were very revealing. Wow!!! I had it all wrong, I was looking for the New Car, New House, Money, Etc.

God was asking something of me, and from me, that I was not willing to pay attention too at other times in my life. The exam questions revolved around such subjects as:

1. Complete Surrender
2. Do you believe
3. Where is your faith
4. Do you know who you are
5. Childhood scars
6. Guilt
7. Shame
8. Unforgiveness
9. Anger
10. Lust

I truly thought I was a person of faith until the surprise test showed up.. And there I was pouting and pointing my finger at God, because I thought I had been deceived. The public surgery was the cross that I did not want to pick up for the spiritual journey and makeover I so desperately needed.

You know, real faith and trust is born the moment you release control. I had to release control in order to get from point A to point B. Although I have entered a brand new day in my life, I had no idea of the transitional exam, prepared specifically for me. Always remember, Gods ways are not our ways, and his thoughts are not our thoughts. As far as the heaven is from the earth so are God’s thought and ways above our ways. Go through the process……..

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