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Valerie Vinson Boler

I'm so glad that we are family. GOD has put you in my path for a reason. Even when mama (Mother Vinson) use to say I saw JT somewhere. I'm like who is JT? She would say Pastor James Taylor. I'm like ok. Then we would ran into you. I thank GOD for you & First Lady. Love you much. Valerie Vinson Boler


Harvest is plantiful but labor are few pray of the Father that may send more of a workers to gather that amazing blessing and well growing harvest to joy for the Lord thanks and bless,keijo sweden

Elder Robert Walker, Sr.

God bless you Pastor Taylor {JT}. I'm so glad and proud that you have been elevated in Ministry the way that you have. It's good to know a person and bare witness of the things that God has done for and in their life. I love the fact that the Spirit of God and His excellence reside upon your Ministry. Thank you so much sharing your messages on Face Book, they have been such a blessing to me as well as to others who stop by my page to take a look and listen. I will continue to stand in the gap and intercede on behalf of you, your Ministry and your family. Stay encouraged and continue to be an encouragement and you grow in Grace. I love you brother!

giselle perry

I would like to come and visit your church one day I'm looking for a church home

Katrina Haywood

From boy to man, from Reverend to Pastor, Keep Living ---
The sky is not the limit--- You can go far beyond the sky, You'll see.....SELAH.......
Much Love Sister Haywood/Centennial

Michelle Cooper (Stewart)

I just wanted to drop by to say hello. Continue to stay on the path set before you. When times get hard (and you know they will) press harder. You already know that God does not put more on us than we can bare. I enjoyed your singing in high school. I enjoyed you in the play "Purlie". I look forward to seeing your continued good works.
Michelle - CVS c/o 87

jonathan ramirez

hey hey wats crackin just droppin by to say hi from yorbruh bruh john

Claudette Hatley

Dear Cousin,
So sorry I wasn't able to attend your recent revival, but I still pray for you and hope you continue doing what you are doing . Keep up the work , I know you know as long as you keep your hand in God hand everything will be alright. God bless you and keep you in his care. Love you your cousin Claudette

Irene Honeycutt

Hi Pastor Taylor,

It's me, Honeysuckle, from COP. I am so glad that you are doing well and growing in the plans that God has for your life. I wish you continued success in your ministry. Please come back and visit us at COP and hear us sing!!! God bless you and take care.

Charles Orum

Despise not small beginnings. God will do the work. We just need to be willing and we are.

P.S. I expect to be part of future productions! (Especially recordings!). Keep me advised..
Chas. Oh!


Hey Prof. Taylor!!??!!
This is Ashli from the choir at COP. I'm so happy for you and what the Lord is doing in your life right now. I wish we could have said goodbye before you went back to Chicago. But I am praying for you that God will continue to guide you in the direction He has called you to go. Please keep in touch and I plan to visit in the near future!! Be blessed and stay encouraged.

Elder Lawrence E Stendson

You are making your brother very proud. God's riches & choicest blessings be yours to claim.

Great regards and much love,
Elder L. E. Stendson

James Edward Wilson

I had the pleasure of hearing your GospelChoir at a concert in Ganz Hall two years ago and I was very impressed. I am an alumnus of
the Chicago Music College of Roosevelt University (Class of 1961 & 1965).
Thank you for sending information on the upcoming "NEW BEGINNINGS" Crusade.

Jim E. Wilson

P.S. We did not have a Gospel Choir at CMC while I was there but
I was a charter member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Chorus which is now celebrating their 50th Anniversary.

P.P.S. Your website is GREAT !!

Marilyn Hearns

Well hello there my friend! God has and is still blessing you to achieve all that he has for you. It's been a while since I've talked to you but I've been praying that God keeps you strengthened throughout this yourney. I know he will because he said he will. I look forward to the crusade in June. I know it's going to be a blessing. So Until we meet again, May God Bless and Keep You Brother. Peace!

Mr. Derrick Coston

Dear Minister Taylor,

I am so glad to hear that your are doing well. I always knew that you would. I am so proud of you. You would not believe how much I've changed. I'm not the same and I'm so glad. God has touched my life and things are wonderful. The thoughts of you have never left my mind, and I will continue to pray for you and think of you. Congratulations on your success and may the Lord continue to Bless and Keep you. I Love You My Brother. Your Brother in the Lord Derrick. A.K.A. Pepper.......

Jose Perez

God Bless, and I look forward to meeting you out here in Chicago! We pray for your continued success in all your endeavors...

Rainy Gordon

May God's righteous path for your life continue to be Blessed and a Blessing to others! Very excited for the lives that will be transformed by your gifting. God Bless you!!

Kim Guy Warren

Mr. James Taylor,

I knew way back in High School our freshman year that you were under the guidence for the Lord. I knew then this was going to be your path and I believe you knew as well. I'm so very proud of what God has in store for you to give to us hungry saints. May God continue to bless you in this journey.

Many Blessing,

Kim Guy Warren (CVS Class of '87)

Serena Sargent-Romero


It is truly a blessing to see God's light shining in you. I pray that God continues to use you and your ministry to be a blessing to so many others. I will continue to follow your work and pray that God will keep you weak. For the word says when a man is weak he is strong. God bless and I am so very proud of you man of God.

Continued success,
Serena Romero (CVS Classmate)

Michelle Williamson-Witherspoon

I love seeing fellow c/o 1987 Cavaliers living for the Lord! It does my heart well. The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. Continue allowing Him to order your steps! Be blessed!

Victoria Jackson- Redmond

Hi! James
It is truly a blessing to see a fellow Cavalier move on to high and better things in their lives. I remember seeing you at the reunion picnic talking about your church. I pray that god will continue to bless you and your ministries.

Take Care,

Minister Vera King

Dear Professor,
Before we could SELAH(pause and think it over) God has yet elevated you to another level. Bless His Holy Name. Allow God to use you to the fullest until you are empty. I do feel within my spirit that you will yet return to Sacramento, so until that time, may the grace of our Lord and the sweet communion of His Holy spirit rest rule and abide with you forever.

Crystal King

Professor Taylor,

May God continue to cover you are bestow his blessings upon you. You are a mighty man of God. Continue to teach God's Word and change lives.

Praise the Lord.


Ericka Hall

Pastor Taylor,
May God continue to bless and enlarge your territory! I am very excited for you.

Many blessings,


Brenda Jackson


Sharee Williams

GOD IS GOOD! Congrats on this window of many God has given you. You've always been an angel. Blessings! (CVS Classmate)

Sherese Wilcoxson-Prude

Praise GOD! :-) Keep teaching the WORD! Inspire an and instruct GODS word through the performing arts.

We are here to Evangilze, Enlighten, Embrace, Encourage, Equip, Empower, and Exalt the Saviour. Thank you for staying on the wall.

Love you, Sherese

Barrie Buckner

My Brother, I love how you do everything in excellence! Keep doing your thing! This is crazy that finally when I'll be in Cali, you will be in Chicago. It's ok, we'll still link up. Bless ya!

Tracy Walker Small

Congratulations on your new ministry. Last I knew - you were in California? One day I wil have to stop by and support you in embarking on your next journey for the Lord. Take care and remember God is with you ALWAYS - even when you can't hear or feel Him.

Tracy (CVS Classmate)

Sharon Brown-Elms

Yes, JT you made it! I am so very proud of you and what you are doing. Be determined, be strong, stay faithful and remember we love you and always will, especially me:-) You no longer have to wait!!!

Charles Orum

Go! I look forward to a rewarding work! Let's see what God is up to!


Keep up the great work. God Bless you is always my prayer.

Elder Kenneth Lipsey

Pastor JT-
I love the way God is using you, stay blessed and at his feet.


Traci Marshall

Walking in the footsteps of Giants.
I am so proud of you. You are going forward with the vision that God has given you. May God bless you and all of your endeavors. Remember to keep your hand in Gods hand and don't faint ;-)

Cheryl Jones

Rev Taylor..... Oh My God. "I am That I am" you truly are. I'm at my desk caught up. God had you in a holding cell getting you ready for something big and now it's time for him to release his Christian Soldier (fight on). It is such a joy to have you on your way back to Chicago, there's much work here to be done. I thank God for using you in a mighty way. JHT Ministries will be a BLESSING to so many people. I believe it and I know you receive it. The website is the best I've seen yet. And OMG the music... hearing your voice brought back so many memories. You have truly been missed. Now stop playin and get on back here, roll up yo sleeves cause you got some work to do for the Kingdom boy. I speak nothing but blessings over you and your Ministry. Love You Much Cheryl (cj)

Jane Katherine-Watson

Rev Taylor..congratulations on your beautiful website and your upcoming events!! You are so blessed! I just think it is wonderful for you to spread the word and your blessing onto others! May GOD continue to bless you and I look forward to seeing you again!
All the best..your friend forever...Jane Katherine-Watson


It Just wouldn't Be Right If I Didn't Have My Say So God Has Truly Blessed You With A Gift Like No Other You Are Indeed One Of A Kind. So Glad To Hear That You're Back In Da Chi And Man This Website Is Awesome What A Blessing God Has Bestowed Over Your Life But We Gone Make It Do What It Do In The Future Believe That......

cecilia d brinker

Rev Taylor welcome home, your initials say it all JT (JUST TALENT), and GOD has truly blessed you. continue to be obedient and just let him use you. This website is truly awesome, but i'm not surprise....hope to see you soon

Darryl Henderson

God Bless You Brother!

Dirial Kyles

Rev Taylor, I can't beleive this e-mail I received from Donna. It is good that you are back home where you belong. Your website is awesome. Keep up the good work in the lord. Hope the see you in the furture. Remember I was the very first to tell you that you were going to blow-up. God bless you real good.

Valarie Ester

PRAISE THE LORD!!I am thrilled to hear about JHT Ministries!! Rev. Taylor, are you back home in Chi-town? This is fantastic, awesome!! May your ministry be blessed beyond anything that you could ever imagine!! Much love, Valarie Ester